Using the Zara Spook

Using the Zara Spook - Tips and How to

Back in 1939 the Heddon Company made the very first Zara Spook, and it’s still catching fish today. It is one of my favorite baits to use because it’s a surface bait and I love to fish surface baits. A big bass exploding on a surface bait will sometimes take my breath away.

The Spook is a floating lure designed to imitate an injured bait fish and thus easy prey for a larger fish to eat. The lure has no built-in action of its own. You impart its side to side swimming action by the movement of your rod tip, using your wrist by twitching the slack line with your rod tip. Don’t try to move the lure forward, just give it a little slack line and gently snap it tight again. That makes it jump from side to side without moving forward very much. If you do this with a steady rhythm you will achieve that side to side swimming action that works so well.Heddon Zara Spook in green and white resting on a tackle box

I like to use a 6 ½ foot medium heavy rod with 15 to 20lb test line and a medium speed retrieve reel for this lure. Tying your fishing line directly to the lure will help you to achieve the best swimming action. Don't use a split ring or snap to connect to your Spook. It takes some practice to learn how to make this lure swim right so be patient with yourself and give yourself enough time to learn how to use it.

Be very careful handling this lure when casting it or removing it from a fish because it has three sets of sharp treble hooks on it that are very dangerous. Be sure to handle the fish carefully and use a set of pliers to remove the hooks from a fish.

This lure is available in a lot of different colors but I’m not sure colors make a big difference in this lure's effectiveness. I’m usually using lures with white undersides and green topsides. Those are very natural colors but the original colors were red and white only.

The Spook is a lure that I always wish I had more opportunities to use. It works best on calm water and usually in the early morning and late evening hours. You can fish this lure anywhere. It will work in open water or around any kind of cover or structure. In Minnesota I’m usually using it around or above weed cover and around docks. It will work any time of year but I find that it works best for me in the spring and summer, for a brief period in the fall it will also work very well.

Now that you have read how to use a Zara Spook see how to use it in this video: Bone Lake, Medicine Lake II.

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