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I launched my boat at the Baker Park Reserve and headed to the northern end of the lake to do a little jig fishing in the large areas of lily pads on that end of the lake. Not for any good reason, just because I wanted to do some pad fishing with a jig. It wasn’t long before I was convinced that I would have to try something else if I wanted to catch some fish. It reminds me that it’s not what I want to do that’s important, it’s whatever the fish want to do that matters!

So, I motored my freshly humbled ego back out to the main part of the lake and began to search for some bass with a spinnerbait. I had a nice cloudy and calm day that should be very good for fishing, but I was off to a slow start. I finally caught my first fish on a crankbait and it turned out to be a large walleyed pike. Walleye are without a doubt the most highly prized fish for most Minnesota anglers. That was fun, but I was looking for bass!

I continued with the crankbait because I had done well here with it in the past, so I had confidence in that. I picked up a few more fish with it before I changed to a Texas rigged Brush Hog to fish the area more thoroughly. After I had worn that spot out, I continued down the weed-line in search of another good area that held some more fish.

I didn’t find any other large concentrations of fish, but I was able to pick up a few here and there. I even had a great chance to catch a very big musky that followed my lure a couple of times. The most important thing about this video is that it shows you how to fish a crankbait in the weeds. I had to work for the fish that I caught, but this was a fun day.

watch the entire video below.

Lures Used: Crankbait, Texas rig, Rat-L-Trap. Water Clarity: Stained. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Late Summer. Cover/Structure: Weeds, weed-lines, and grass. Type of fish caught: Bass, walleyed pike, northern pike. Topics of Discussion: Reflex strikes and cranking the weeds.

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