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It was a nice early September day on Bavaria Lake. This lake had a catch and release regulation for bass on it when I made this TV show. Catch and release had turned this lake into one of the best bass lakes in the area while the regulation was in effect. I fished it twice in the year after the regulation expired and couldn’t even catch a bass either time I fished it. That was just sad.

When I arrived at the lake, early in the morning, there was enough cloud cover to keep the light conditions low. Fish are more active under low light conditions and that makes lures like crankbaits and spinnerbaits very effective. Spinnerbaits work better when it’s windier so I started with a crankbait.

The weeds on this lake seem to grow about half way to the surface on the larger weed flats. I was casting and retrieving the crankbait over the top of theses weeds. It helps me to catch more fish if the crankbait is ticking the tops of the weeds. Later in the day after the sun got a little higher, I was able to catch several more bass on a jig-worm in deeper water near the weedline. The jig-worm is my go to lure in very clear water lakes like this.

This lake also has lots of northern pike in it and they just love to hammer crankbaits, so I wasn’t surprised to catch quite a few of those. I was a little bit surprised by how large some of them were.

I'm a big fan of catch and release regulations on lakes like this because small lakes are just too easily over harvested.

watch the video below for tips on how to shift gears when fishing conditions change.

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Lures Used: Crankbait and jig-worm. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Late summer. Cover/Structure: Weeds, weed lines. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass and northern pike. Topics of Discussion: Fishing crankbaits.

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