Cedar Lake - Scott County

Catch of the Day

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I had a cool and cloudy mid-august day to give this lake a try. I have fished this lake before at about this time of year, and had done very well close to shore, so I thought I would give that a try again as well as try some of the offshore structure. This lake has very murky water and a lot of shallow brush and timber along some of the undeveloped shoreline, as well as tons of docks around the rest of the lake.

I had a hard time finding any fish for the first couple of hours. I finally caught my first fish by pitching a jig around a very large Oak tree that had fallen into the water. It was a pretty nice bass, but this lake has bigger bass in it. The strong cold front that had gone through the area the day before apparently cooled off the fishing and I was going to have to work a little bit harder to catch any fish. Hopefully things would warm up again as the day progressed.

The next few bass that I caught came from under hanging willow trees. These cover the water like a blanket and make casting under them very difficult, but it’s well worth the effort. If you’re not very skilled at skipping a jig into tight places, you can still flip or pitch to the outside edges of willow trees and get some strikes.

Later I caught one or two bass off docks and another one on a spinnerbait along an undeveloped shoreline. Fishing never did catch on fire for me this day, but all my hard work produced a very successful day of fishing. One bass weighed close to five pounds.

watch the video below and learn how to fish different types of shallow cover in murky lakes.

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Lures Used: Jigs and a spinnerbait. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Brush and timber. Type of fish caught: largemouth bass. Topics of Discussion: Fishing brush and timber.

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