Spring Lake MN

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It was a beautiful late July day for me on Spring Lake. A cold front had just gone through and cooled things down a bit. The water was murky so I needed to use lures that were brightly colored or made a lot of vibration and noise in the water. That made it easier for the fish to find my lures.

I started out well with a spinnerbait that had double Colorado shaped blades on it. It was white with a chartreuse trailer. The Colorado shaped blades give off a lot of vibration in the water. This lake is surrounded by very large and shallow weed flats. I was fishing the inside weedline in about one foot of water. It's rare that the inside weedline should be so productive this late in the summer, but It was a welcome opportunity for me to talk about how to fish the inside weedline.

Later in the day I tried an old shallow diving crankbait that had been sitting in one of my tackle boxes for quite some time. It worked surprisingly well for me. This TV show has some special significance to me because this was the first time that I had ever used this type of crankbait. It was a Mann’s B1-Minus. I had no idea what a favorite of mine it would become and that I would end up using it in many more TV shows and fishing tournaments in the future.

I didn't catch very many large fish on this day but I was able to catch a lot of fish and that made for a fun day of fishing. The day was even more special for me with the discovery of a new lure that would serve me so well in the future.

watch the following video to see the lure and how i used it.

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Lures Used: Spinnerbait, shallow diving crankbait. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weed line. Type of fish caught: Bass and northern pike. Topics of discussion: Fishing the inside weedline.

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