Zumbra Lake

Catch of the Day

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I had a very beautiful July day on which to give this lake a try. Even though this lake is close to the city, it's a fairly difficult lake to get to. There is a long and dusty dirt road that you have to use to get to the access, and once you get there you will find that the gravel access is very shallow. I had to back both my truck and trailer into the water to get my boat off the trailer. If the lake were any lower I don't think I could have launched my boat here. I would recommend that you have a four wheel drive pick-up truck if you want to give this lake a try.

This lake has lots of points and bays on it for such a small lake. I have fished this lake before and I still haven't had time to fully explore the entire lake. I would love to have a chance to go back again sometime and get to know this lake a little bit better.

I began the day using a jig-worm.  Sometimes it seems like it’s the only lure that I can consistently catch bass on at this time of year. I was fishing it along the weed-lines by slowly moving the boat along the outside edge of the weeds and casting straight ahead of the boat parallel to the edge of the weeds. Later in the day the wind forced me to switch to a Texas rigged worm with a little more weight to it so it would be easier for me to use in the windier part of the lake.

learn about the proper equipment for fising plastic worms and how to use plastic worms in the video below.

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Lures Used: Jig-worm and Texas rigged worm. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weeds, weed-lines, grass. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass. Topics of Discussion: The proper equipment for fishing plastic worms.


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