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It was a beautiful early October day for me to be fishing Long Lake. The trees were in full color and it was nice and warm for this time of year. The water had just enough of a ripple on it to make me want to give a spinnerbait a try. This lake has a reputation of being a little stingy when it comes to bass, but I've driven by this lake many times and it always looked like it would be a good bass lake to me. Today I finally had a chance to try it for myself.

I started fishing a spinnerbait along the deep weedline of one of the steeper drop-offs on the northern shoreline and caught a couple of bass right away.

I was also making casts over the top of the weed beds and caught a few bass that way. It can be hard to keep those bass from diving into the weeds. If I hold my rod high to keep them from the weeds, I risk having the bass jump out of the water to spit my lure. If I hold my rod down to prevent them from jumping, they will surely get into the weeds. I just need to try to anticipate what the bass will do and be ready to adapt to whatever the fish appears to be doing.

The bass weren’t jumping in the boat for me, but with confidence in my own fishing skills, I "hung in there" and was able to catch enough bass to have fun and make a TV show while I was at it. Maybe it’s not the greatest bass lake around, but I wouldn’t hesitate to drop my boat into this lake at any time.

watch the video below and learn how to gain confidence in your own fishing skills.

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Lures Used: Spinnerbaits. Water Clarity: Stained. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Fall. Cover/Structure: Weeds and weedlines. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass. Topics of Discussion: Fishing with confidence.

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