Ann Lake II

Catch of the Day

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This is one of my older and maybe least flattering TV shows, but I included it in this list of videos because it was the only show that I ever made using a Slug-Go or Fluke type of bait.

It was early June and I had a nice spring day to be fishing Ann Lake.  I was looking for bass that were still shallow from the spawn and bass that were preying on sunfish that spawn right after the bass finish their spawn. I was fishing for aggressive fish that were looking for an opportunity to eat. Some of the fish that I caught could have been fish that were spawning, but I wasn’t looking or for bass that were bedding or guarding a bed (I wasn’t sight fishing).

I started the day using a "Slug-Go" made by Lunker City. I rig that on a leader just like I would use for a Carolina rig but without the weight and beads. It’s just a one-foot leader with a ball bearing swivel on one end and a 3/0 wide gap hook on the other. The plastic Slug-Go lure has enough weight to make the whole rig cast well enough without any extra weight added to it, but you can put some weight in it if you want to. You can also buy some of the Sinking Slug-go models.

I was fishing a weightless Slug-Go over the weed beds close to places where bass typically spawn as well as on the inside edge of the weeds in about two feet of water where the weeds meet the nice sandy bottom that comes out from the shoreline. I was casting it out and giving it little pulls or twitches to make the bait swim and glide a little bit.

Later in the afternoon I began to target northern pike. I caught six of them but I only had enough time to include one of them in the TV show. I used a crankbait to catch it.

watch the video below to learn how to fish the Slug-Go soft plastc bait.

Lures Used: Lunker City Slugo, Crankbait. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Spring. Cover/Structure: Weeds and weedlines. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass and northern pike. Topics of Discussion: Fishing a Slugo.


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