Ramsey Lake II

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It was a cloudy and foggy but otherwise very nice mid-September day for me to give this good little lake a try. Ramsey Lake is located to the northwest of Minneapolis near Maple Lake, Minnesota. It has fairly clear water and lots of underwater vegetation for fish to live in. The lake access can be a problem, so I recommend 4wd.

I had done well on this lake in the past with a Jig-worm, and because the surface of the lake was so calm, I started out with that again today. I could have also tried a spinnerbait because they work well in clear water on cloudy days, but they work even better when there is a little more wind to get some waves going on the surface of the lake.

The first fish that I caught was a pretty big bass and an even bigger northern pike followed that. It would have weighed about eight to ten pounds I would say, but I don’t like to try to weigh pike because they won’t hold still long enough to do it without possibly hurting them.

After that pike, I caught several bass that were kind of small so I moved to the southern part of the lake to give that area a try. It didn’t take very long before I caught a bass that weighed close to 5 pounds.

If I were to give this video a title it would have to be “Monsters or Minnows” because all the fish that I was able to catch were either very large or very small. OK, most of them were small, but because I was able to catch a couple of really big fish as well, I had a lot of fun fishing Ramsey Lake.

in the video below learn about fluorocarbon fishing line, scents, and how to use them to catch more fish.

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Lures Used: Jig-worm. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Late summer. Cover/Structure: Weed line. Type of fish caught: Bass, northern pike, bullhead. Topics of discussion: Using scents, fishing weed lines, and fluorocarbon fishing line.

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