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Fishing in the Wind

Spinnerbait and things you can do while fishing in the wind for bass and northern pikeDealing with the wind can really take the fun out of fishing sometimes. It makes casting more difficult and controlling the boat much more difficult. If it blows strong enough it can be dangerous to navigate the huge waves that it generates, but there are some things you can do to take advantage of the wind and catch more fish.

If the wind is blowing so hard that it makes you uncomfortable just thinking about navigating the rough water, then maybe you could go bowling or just go fishing another day. Fishing is supposed to be fun! If you feel safe to be on the water, and are comfortable with the wind conditions, try to use them to your best advantage.

The choppy surface that the wind creates, lowers the amount of light that penetrates the water and stirs up food and bait-fish. Bass like to ambush prey in these low light conditions, so they will be actively looking for an easy meal. This can be quite an opportunity for a successful day of fishing.

Light lines and small fineness type baits are hard to control in windy conditions, so go big and bold by using heavier and flashier lures like spinnerbaits, jerk-baits, and big shallow diving crankbaits. They cast easier and are easier for the fish to locate.

When the wind speed gets over about 15 miles per hour you should concentrate more on controlling the boat with the trolling motor and making good casts that compensate for the wind. These are mechanical skills that you can learn by spending more time fishing in the wind.

In the spring and fall it’s important to remember that the wind is blowing warm oxygenated surface water across the lake to the windy bank and the warm oxygen rich water makes the fish more active. In the summer, windy points are good places to fish.

Many anglers prefer to stay out of the wind. You will notice in my videos that I’m usually fishing nice calm water. That’s just because windy conditions cause a lot of wind noise on my microphone and nobody likes to listen to that. I often wished I could have made my videos on the windy side of the lake because I could have used the wind to help me catch more fish.

Because of microphone noise, I would choose the lakes to do my videos on based on that day's wind conditions. You can do that too. Choose a lake or a part of a lake that has high banks if you want to stay out of the wind. You can also choose lakes or areas of lakes that tend to run perpendicular to the wind direction so that you will have more quiet water to fish.

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